Top 5 Tips on Paying off any type of Loan Faster

Paying off your debt faster will mean that you should start paying more than the regular installment that is required every month.  But, firstly, read your original contract on the credit agreement to find out what the conditions regarding early settlement of the loan might be.

Sometimes there are penalties for early settlement because the financial institution will lose money if your payments stop earlier.  They will also lose the interest that is added to the original loan amount.

5 Tips for repaying your loan faster:

  1. Make payments twice a month: Divide your monthly payment in 2 and pay that halved amount every two weeks.  You will be accomplishing three things; less interest, you will have paid a whole extra payment at the end of the year, and doing this from the start can shorten your pay period with several months.
  2. Make rounded payments: For instance, if your payment is for the amount of 235.15, pay 300.00.  Over time these little extra bits will make up a few extra payments and it will save you money.
  3. Somewhere, sometime, make an extra payment or payments: Using any extra money, like a tax refund, or your yearly bonus, to pay off even more, will definitely towards paying off, the loan faster.
  4. A savings account: You can stow away money until you have a substantial amount which can be used to pay off more on your loan.  When the outstanding balance is less, you can negotiate with the band for a new repayment arrangement.
  5. Paperless: When you organize for automatic payments into your account.  This will save the lender money and you do not have to worry about late payments.  The repayments are never going to be late.  Online billing, no printed papers, printed statements etc. will make more sense and save time.

Paying off any type of loan earlier will mean that you save interest which means more money and that can mean so much more.  The extra money could go to a retirement fund, make improvements on your home or go on that long awaited holiday.

Need a Business Loan?  Study this Loan Guide to help you decide what Type of Business Loan you really need.

Running a business can sometimes be very difficult.  You might be in need of renovations to give your business a fresh, new, welcoming look, or the equipment decided it is time to take a break; many unforeseen things can happen and most likely you will not have the cash lying around to fix it.  That is when you will consider a business loan.

Considering taking out a loan, you should do a bit of research on what type of loan will work best for you and your business and the situation you are in.  There are quite a few options to choose from and just as many different types of financial institutions that make funds available.

Even when a bank will not provide a loan to you, you now have more options available to explore.

Types of Business Loans:

  1. Term Loans; this is certainly the most known type of loan. You receive a lump sum loan, plus interest, which is then paid back over a pre-arranged term.  You can consider applying for term loans at any bank or online financial lenders.
  2. Equipment financing; this type of loan can finance the cost of new, or used, equipment and machinery, up to a 100%. The collateral on this type of loan will be the equipment itself.
  3. SBA Loans; these loans have flexible terms, are low-cost and secured. Traditional banks, as well as online lenders, offer these loans.

When you have already been in business for many years, you stand a better chance of getting a loan.  Your loan will also be more affordable.  The reason for this is basically the fact that you have proven that you and your business can survive the ups and downs.  Lending institutions now will feel more confident about you paying back your loan.

The cheapest and most affordable loans are still the ones offered by your local bank.  There are much more variations on the loans mentioned above.  You can also try online lending where you will find still more options for funding.  Some of these might be very expensive.  But the big difference lies in the fact that they come in many shapes and offer lots of different sized loans.

You’re Beginners Guide to Lending, Different Types of Loans, and What Type to Consider that Will Fit Your Needs

When you are thinking about applying for a first time loan, you will need a bit of information to help you decide what type of loan to apply for.  There are different types of loans for different things.  You might only need a home-loan for buying a home, or you may need financing to buy a new car.

Types of Loans to Consider:

  1. A Conventional Loan; will be a mortgage loan, which will be available from an institution that specializes in mortgage lending, that are not linked to a government, or you can also apply for a home loan from banking institutions. This is only for buying a house or apartment.
  2. Secured Loan: With this type of loan, you need to put up personal property as collateral to obtain the loan.  The loan amount and interest rate can differ, depending on the value of the property that you put up for security.  You can use a house, a vehicle or savings account as security.  If you default on the repayment of your loan, the property goes to the lender.
  3. Unsecured Loans: This type of loan is not backed by collateral.  The size of the loan and the interest rate will be determined by your income and credit history.  This type of loan is also known as a signature or personal loan.
  4. Open-ended Loans: These are loans with a fixed credit limit, or line of credit.  When paid of completely you can borrow again on the same line of credit.
  5. Close-ended loans: The main difference is that you cannot borrow from this type of loan again.  This is mostly student loans, house mortgages and vehicle financing.  Your loan decreases with each payment.  If you need more credit, you need to apply again for a new loan.

Types of Mortgages

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There are also different types of institutions that lend out money, for instance, traditionally it will be a bank or lending institution, but you will also find other companies that do not work like the traditional loan providers.  They help people without all the strict rules and regulations that go along with traditional institutions.

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