When in need of money resources in the form of a loan, you will find a multitude of Loan resource companies, banks and also private lenders that will be able to help you with that.  Watch these resource videos for a bit more information about what you need to qualify for a business loan, home loan, car loan, study loan or a personal loan.

Car Financing; this video explains what is needed when you want to buy a motor vehicle.  It tells how your monthly installments will be calculated, how long you will pay, how much interest you will pay, what happens if you settle your loan earlier, etc.

Personal Loan; find all you need to know explained in this video.  It will give information on the forms you need to fill out and the accompanying documents you need.  It also shows the different types of loans and the pay-back options with interest.

Business Loans; this video explains what you need to qualify for a business loan.  You are also informed of the criteria that you will be judged on to verify the credibility of your business.

The Basics of Money Lending; this video provides an explanation of how bank loans work when you buy a house.  If it is a house that needs repairs, there are special requirements before the financing is finalised.

Private Lending; it is not only banks and Loan centres that lend out money to persons in need of financing the purchase of a vehicle, or a house, or other major buys.  The best thing about private money lending is that the rules differ a lot from banks.  You and the private lender can work out your own rules, interest rates, and payback terms.

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